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Mash Mashaghati Exhibit Opening

Some pictures of the Mash Mashaghati Opening. Please drop in and visit the exhibit over the coming weeks. If interested in purchasing please inquire at the Civic Centre box office or visit my SHOP. The J. Franklin Wright Gallery [...]

New camera Canon 7D Mark II

Best Christmas present ever! I got the new Canon 7D Mark II and I love it! 10 frames per second, a REALLY fast shutter speed and it’s so much fun to take pictures with it. If you like to [...]

Bald Eagle on the ice

As you can see many of my Bald Eagle pictures were taken in the winter time. As soon as the lakes and rivers freeze the chances of seeing a Bald Eagle sitting on the ice are good. I really [...]

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Bald Eagle prints for sale

I always receive messages asking if prints of my Bald Eagle pictures are for sale. So I decided to open an online shop. If you are interested in purchasing a print and to support my work please feel free [...]

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Bald Eagle and the seagull

Last summer I was driving around to see if I can find some Bald Eagles along the shore. From the distance I could see a Bald Eagle grabbing something and it seemed pretty heavy. I decided to follow the [...]

Bald Eagle on the beach

This is one of my favourite Bald Eagle pictures. It was taken along the shore of the Bras d’Or Lake on Cape Breton Island. Many fish can be found in the Bras d’Or Lake and that’s the reason why [...]

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My favourite images from 2015

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite images from 2015. I hope you enjoy them! So, let's start with this one...


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